Why Outsourcing Legacy Modernization Projects Will Improve Employee Morale

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Employee Morale

Outdated legacy systems are crippling many sectors of the economy. Federal systems probably lead the way with 80-90% of government IT spend being on keeping the lights on (keeping outdated legacy systems up and running). Congressional investigators recently stated that the government currently operates nearly two dozen information systems that date back to 1980 or earlier. Fallout and continued challenges … Read More

Legacy Modernization – Step-by-Step, App-by-App

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Morphis Modernizes ACS

Enterprise-level security updates are vital, and expected. But, they can also be costly, and take hours of staff time to complete. In some cases, lack of vendor support for technology versions within the stack may produce a security hole and provide a driver for application and stack modernization. Security is only one of many drivers for legacy modernization and with … Read More