Security, Functionality and User Experience…The Complete Package

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user experience

Headlines point out everyday that outdated software can lead to major privacy breaches for both businesses and individuals. But besides personal privacy risks, how else is the end-user affected? From an end-user standpoint, privacy is the biggest risk, but what about user experience? A major issue with legacy systems that have been around for years is that many of them … Read More

Fintech Innovation and the Dangers of Legacy Systems

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The need for security in the banking industry is greater than ever, and innovation in the industry’s multiple sectors has taken off in the last few years. Unfortunately, the veterans in the industry are falling behind with innovation and that results in a dangerous test of fate for customers. According to The Guardian, Federal Reserve has been hacked more than … Read More

Have We Become Complacent With Security Risks?

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Carphone Warehouse

Of course, most of the world’s businesses are aware of the fact that a security breach could be detrimental to their business. But why is it that the “outdated software turns into nightmare for customers” headline continues to appear almost daily? At this point, almost every American has been affected by at least one data breach this year. Take Carphone … Read More