How Is Your User Experience? Do You Need To Modernize?

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Modernize to improve UX

We have all tried to use an application or a website that was visually appealing, but was not functional or vice versa. Functionality and design are crucial in today’s mobile landscape, and user experience is playing an increasingly large role in generating business. User Experience, or UX, involves improving user satisfaction by upgrading the usability, accessibility and experience provided in … Read More

How Can Insurance Companies Ensure Their Advancement?

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Mobile Insurance Players

Much of the insurance industry is stuck in its ways when it comes to their legacy systems and innovation. However, investments in new technology, innovation labs, rapid prototyping and user testing, as well as an adoption of agile practices are increasing as the world moves further into a digital landscape. In the startup era, there are an increasing number of … Read More

Come Meet Us at the 4th Testing and Tools Day

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Sogeti 4th Testing and Tools Day

Morphis Technologies will be sponsoring and speaking at the 4th Annual Testing and Tools Day on October 27th in Madrid. Hosted by Sogeti, the conference is aimed at those working in the software testing and quality industry – QA Managers, Project Managers and the like. Luis Andrade, Morphis’ CEO, will be speaking and making the comparison between business intelligence and … Read More

Still Running Legacy Systems? Don’t Join This List!

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Updating legacy systems will reduce cybercrime

As technology allows us to do more online, it also leaves us vulnerable to cyberattacks. The internet has evolved since its inception and understanding and monitoring cybercrime as it progresses is critical for every organization’s security. Institutions across all industries are affected by this problem — especially those who have some sort of personal, financial or medical data on their … Read More

Morphis Sponsors Web Summit 2016

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Morphis at WebSummit 2016

Morphis is a platinum sponsor of the 2016 Web Summit event in Lisbon next month. Labelled Europe’s largest technology marketplace, Web Summit has moved to Lisbon from its previous home in Dublin and promises to see 50,000+ attendees including 7000+ CEOs and 1000 exhibitors from 150+ countries. Perhaps the scale of the event is best illustrated by the fact that … Read More

House of Representatives Passes Modernizing Government Technology Act

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Representative Will Hurd IT Modernization Act

Recently, Representative Will Hurd from Texas introduced the IT Modernization Act to the House of Representatives. This Act seeks to encourage government agencies to modernize their IT software. The Act is a combination of two bills passed earlier this year: The MOVE IT Act, which Hurd introduced this summer, and the IT Modernization Fund introduced by Rep. Steny Hoyer last … Read More