Legacy Systems – How to Eat an Elephant

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Legacy Systems - How to Eat an Elephant

And so it continues. Those old legacy systems continue to eat 75-80% of IT budgets and prevent the business achieving its goals. Applications written in a language long forgotten, running on outdated hardware adding cost and convenient security loopholes for Hackers, Inc., continue to soak up resource and provide a formidable barrier to success. But do they? Really? If you … Read More

Linear Thinking in a Non-Linear World

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Linear Thinking in a Non-Linear World

I was watching BBC News last night and several, seemingly unrelated, stories were presented in the manner of mainstream news today – with heavy reliance on the soundbite: “Immigration in the UK is causing a drain on the country’s resources.” “Immigration is being used by unscrupulous employers to drive wages down.” “Forecasters are predicting lower living standards driven in part … Read More

So You’re Going To Rewrite Your App?

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Challenges of Rewriting Software Applications

When the time comes to modernize a software application, one of the first options companies look at is to simply rewrite the application. What could be easier? It keeps the job in-house, the developers who first created the app may still be around unless the legacy application is truly ancient… We hear it often. Sometimes from companies exploring options when … Read More

Moore’s Law, Application Modernization and Why You Need to Learn to Fish

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Teach a Man to Fish

We all know that the pace of technological change is increasing exponentially and with it, the opportunities afforded by the internet. 20 years after founding, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos still signs off his Letter to Shareholders in the Annual Report with, “…and it’s still Day 1.” The need for businesses of all kinds (both public and private sector) to re-invent … Read More