When and Why Legacy Modernization Using COTS Solutions Fail

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When and why COTS is not a good application modernization option

There have been some high profile (and costly) failures recently with companies who tried to take one or more legacy systems and “modernize” them using a “Package” approach – i.e. they replaced the functionality of those legacy systems by purchasing a COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) solution. First up this year was the report that the Defense Department has spent tens of billions … Read More

When and Why Technology-Enabled Transformation Beats Rewriting

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Legacy modernization - be pragmatic!

“I have a team of developers that I have fought to justify for the past few years so there’s no way I’m “outsourcing” this transformation project. Even suggesting it is off the table.” “We’re a software company, this is our product. Heck, there’s no way I’m having someone else modernize it.” Ring true? Both are natural responses and, in some … Read More

Still Thinking About Rewriting Your Legacy Application?

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Software rewriting project failure

Earlier in the year I started a thread on rewriting applications.  That first post highlighted some of the major barriers to successfully rewriting applications, namely: the lack of an accurate specification; the difficulty in testing given the lack of said specification; the lost customer feedback already built into the legacy application and the likely damage to customer satisfaction during the … Read More

Portugal 2020 Supports Morphis’ Continued International Expansion

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Portugal 2020

Morphis is pleased to announce that Portugal 2020 is supporting our international expansion. Portugal 2020 is a €25B fund created in partnership with the EU and targeted at four main areas: competitiveness and internationalization; social inclusion and employment; human capital and the sustainability and efficiency in the use of resources. We’re delighted to benefit from Portugal 2020!