Legacy Modernization – Let’s Get Real!

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LegacyModernization - Let's Get Real

Two things happened on Monday that left me shaking my head, wondering just what the hell is going on in the US government when it comes to legacy modernization. It’s not just the US government, or government generally, this applies much more broadly and is something we’ve touched on in the past. The first head shaker was the visit of … Read More

COBOL to MVC – C#/.NET or J2EE/Java

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COBOL Modernization

In our last post, The Silver Tsunami – Out with the Old, and in with the…, we highlighted the three main options available for dealing with legacy systems: migrating, wrapping and modernization. With a specific focus on COBOL based systems, we concluded that both migration (lift-and-shift from, for example, mainframe to a Windows environment: COBOL to COBOL) and wrapping (adding … Read More

The Silver Tsunami – Out with the Old and In with the…

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Silver Tsunami

…Old. Really? One of the few (only?) areas of bipartisan agreement in Congress and where both sides agree on policy, is the legacy modernization of government systems which is now high on the agenda of State, Local and Federal Agency CIOs. Driven chiefly by the need to: 1) drive out maintenance and support costs; 2) increase security; 3) increase integration … Read More

Integritas Solutions to Deliver Application Modernization Services Based on Morphis

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Integritas Solutions logo

We’re delighted to announce that Morphis and Integritas Solutions have signed an agreement that enables Integritas to deliver application modernization services based on Morphis’ technology platform. This licensing agreement will enable Integritas to independently market, sell and deliver modernization services and resell the Morphis platform. Integritas Solutions is a CVE Service Disable Veteran Owned Business that specializes in helping organizations … Read More