How Is Your User Experience? Do You Need To Modernize?

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Modernize to improve UX

We have all tried to use an application or a website that was visually appealing, but was not functional or vice versa. Functionality and design are crucial in today’s mobile landscape, and user experience is playing an increasingly large role in generating business.

User Experience, or UX, involves improving user satisfaction by upgrading the usability, accessibility and experience provided in the interaction between the user and a product, system or service. Simply, UX is aimed at improving a user’s overall experience when navigating a website, system or application.

With aging technology and outdated legacy systems, many organizations are struggling with accessibility and usability. Accessibility means helping visually or physically impaired people to use the computer. Usability refers to the degree to which a software can be used to access information or perform tasks with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. When designed properly, all users have equal access to information and functionality.

Modernization these outdated legacy systems can be a daunting task if attempted alone. As a result, companies have turned to third-party vendors with the knowledge and expertise to help guide them through the process. Often, IT teams will work in conjunction with these vendors to speed the process, cut costs and familiarize themselves with the major system changes. By migrating an organization’s existing systems onto a modernized platform, the UX as a whole drastically improves.

Accessibility and usability are just two components of UX. Extensibility may also be a requirement for those software vendors who decide that a multi-tenant solution is not applicable for any or all of their market. Extensibility is defined as a system’s ability to have its functionality extended (or modified) by customers without the need to modify the underlying source code of the application.

If extensibility is a requirement then this needs to be addressed as part of the modernization process. Morphis does this through the provision of an extensibility framework that enables the customers of our modernization clients to add their personal touches to the system without modifying the source code. This is beneficial, for example, where regulatory compliance needs to be achieved across multiple states or countries.

Of course, if extensibility is a requirement in the modernized system, it was more than likely a requirement in the legacy system and achieved through changes to the system source code. If this is you then please Contact Us to discuss how Morphis routinely addresses this challenge.

Check in later as we continue to explore UX and how incumbents have reacted to new market entrants whose usp has been focused on UX.

2 Comments on “How Is Your User Experience? Do You Need To Modernize?”

  1. User experience plays an important role in online business. is very important for online businesses. Better the user experience more will be the chances of sale and profit.

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