Morphis Modernizes MV Sistemas’ Healthcare ERP System

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MV Sistemas Application Modernization

MV is Brazil’s leading provider of healthcare management systems and the second largest healthcare ERP provider globally.

Its flagship healthcare management product, SOUL MV, provides comprehensive clinical and administrative functionality to networked or stand-alone health facilities including state health departments, public and private hospitals, emergency facilities, family care centers, health insurance carriers, and many others.

Originally architected as a client-server application, the decision by Oracle to discontinue support of the development platform used by MV with Oracle Forms in 2008 caused MV to look for a new development environment and to move the application to the cloud.

Having selected Java as the target environment, MV began the search for a partner who could re-architect the application and move it to the cloud.

“We chose Morphis because they met the 3 basic requirements we set for the project. Firstly that the application response time be better than the original architecture. Secondly that the application could be modified independent of the original layer. And finally that these changes to the application could be customer specific and made seamlessly, without disruption. With the original incarnation of the application changes required 5/6 hours, now we’re able to make the same modifications in a maximum of 10 minutes.

“Partnering with Morphis meant we could maintain the size of our developer team at 25 instead of having to hire an additional 100 developers to complete the project.

“As part of the modernization project Morphis was able to detect and eliminate more than 5000 duplicate procedures and reduce the number of lines of code by 43%. Apart from the other benefits, this reduced the management and maintenance overhead associated with the application.”

…Genilson Cavalcanti, Former Systems Director

“As well as providing customers the ability to customize the application, the transition to the cloud allowed us to internationalize the product as well as providing improved integration with the medical hardware available on the market. For example we have been able to integrate with wearable devices enabling doctors to make better decisions when diagnosing patients.”

…Ubirajara Maia, CTO, Application and Technology Group

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