Legacy Systems – What’s In A Name?

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Shakespeare What's In A Name

Legacy systems. Legacy applications. Legacy modernization. Application migration. Legacy migration. Application modernization. Lift and shift. Wrapping, and now containerization are all terms used (and options available) when faced with an old(er) piece of software that is no longer fit for purpose (we’ll come back to what we mean by this later in the post). But are they all the same … Read More

When and Why Legacy Modernization Using COTS Solutions Fail

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When and why COTS is not a good application modernization option

There have been some high profile (and costly) failures recently with companies who tried to take one or more legacy systems and “modernize” them using a “Package” approach – i.e. they replaced the functionality of those legacy systems by purchasing a COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) solution. First up this year was the report that the Defense Department has spent tens of billions … Read More

When and Why Technology-Enabled Transformation Beats Rewriting

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Legacy modernization - be pragmatic!

“I have a team of developers that I have fought to justify for the past few years so there’s no way I’m “outsourcing” this transformation project. Even suggesting it is off the table.” “We’re a software company, this is our product. Heck, there’s no way I’m having someone else modernize it.” Ring true? Both are natural responses and, in some … Read More

Legacy Systems – How to Eat an Elephant

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Legacy Systems - How to Eat an Elephant

And so it continues. Those old legacy systems continue to eat 75-80% of IT budgets and prevent the business achieving its goals. Applications written in a language long forgotten, running on outdated hardware adding cost and convenient security loopholes for Hackers, Inc., continue to soak up resource and provide a formidable barrier to success. But do they? Really? If you … Read More

Choosing a Legacy Modernization Partner and Healthcare IT Threats – Morphis In the News

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Morphis In The News

Choosing Your Legacy Modernization Partner So, you have decided the time is right to modernize your legacy systems. Who do you partner with and what criteria should you use to make this selection? Morphis has recently contributed articles to three prestigious publications to help you make the right decision. #1 9 Tips for Choosing a Legacy Modernization Partner Covering risk … Read More

So, you’re having problems with your current systems — now what?

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Dilbert Cartoon on Legacy Systems

Retail outlets, hospitals, banks and government organizations around the world are struggling with complex, aging or outdated software systems that are not flexible enough to support modern business needs. Some companies have been using the same technology for the past fifty years, and with each year the company doesn’t update, the likelihood of security problems increases. Many companies are having … Read More

15 Tips For The ISV Needing To Modernize

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Who's Eating Our Lunch?

You’re an ISV. As sure as day follows night, someone is coming to eat your lunch, or at least try to. It could be one of your competitors who is maybe more agile because they haven’t had such an aggressive M&A strategy and, as a consequence, haven’t had to subsume so many different products and technology stacks; or maybe a … Read More

Meet Us At HPE Discover 2016

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We will be exhibiting at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2016 next month. If you’re attending the show, please stop by our booth (#236) and say hello. We will be demonstrating Kuscos, our new BI for IT tool, and you will be able to discuss how the tool can help you better understand legacy software as well as manage ongoing software … Read More

Bringing BI to Software Development (Creating Order from Chaos)

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Morphis Analytics Portal

The Standish Group’s Chaos Reports have been published annually since 1994 and provide a snapshot on the state of the software development industry. The 2015 report studied 50,000 projects globally ranging in size from small enhancement projects to massive systems re-engineering implementations. The following table from the report shows only minor change over the past 5 years and that only … Read More

How Federal Agencies Can Succeed With Application Modernization

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Federal Agency Application Modernization

A recent report by MeriTalk “Future Ready Applications” surveyed 150 Federal IT Managers and concluded that 92% believe it urgent for their agency to modernize their legacy applications. The key drivers behind this urgency to modernize are: – Security Issues (42%) – Time Required to Manage/Maintain Systems (36%) – Inflexibility (31%) – Integration Issues (31%) – Hinders innovation (30%) – … Read More