Announcing Kuscos – BI for IT

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The 2015 Chaos Report on the state of the global software development industry by The Standish Group showed that only 29% of 50,000 projects studied could be considered successful (defined as meeting time, budget and functionality goals). The study covered totally new projects as well as re-writes and application extensions/enhancements. The cost of canceled projects exceeds a staggering $55Bn and … Read More

Bringing BI to Software Development (Creating Order from Chaos)

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The Standish Group’s Chaos Reports have been published annually since 1994 and provide a snapshot on the state of the software development industry. The 2015 report studied 50,000 projects globally ranging in size from small enhancement projects to massive systems re-engineering implementations. The following table from the report shows only minor change over the past 5 years and that only … Read More