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Headlines point out everyday that outdated software can lead to major privacy breaches for both businesses and individuals. But besides personal privacy risks, how else is the end-user affected? From an end-user standpoint, privacy is the biggest risk, but what about user experience?

A major issue with legacy systems that have been around for years is that many of them were designed before the user interface was a consideration. Computers were not as popular and software was not developed with the end-user experience in mind. That said, today’s user experience should be of major importance to modern-day software developers.

Modernizing legacy systems is beneficial across the board. Functionality, security and user experience are important aspects that developers must consider. In a survey conducted earlier this year, Morphis found that millennials demand reliable, easily accessible services. And since millennials have overtaken baby boomers as America’s largest generation, it is important to keep their needs and preferences in mind when designing or updating software.

Recent studies show that almost 40% of mobile travel shoppers have abandoned due to a poor user experience, and that the situation in other sectors is worse with 60% abandonment in the clothing sector. In the UK alone, these abandonments in the travel sector are said to add up to almost $4M in lost revenues.

User experience impacts the ISV space too. Workday’s entrance to the higher education market was predicated on a mobile-first system of engagement designed to help students make informed decisions at each step on their educational paths and accelerate progress toward their desired outcomes. This was the first newly designed student information system in the higher education sector for a decade and caused incumbents such as Ellucian to modern their own legacy systems. According to Peter Eckert, every dollar spent on UX brings in between $2 and $100 dollars in return.

To be successful, companies must keep their backend systems functional, secure and easy-to-use. It really is that simple. Whether you lack user experience functionality or are in need of security patches that no longer exist, modernizing your legacy systems will help both backend and end-users. For a review of the modernization alternatives available and what to look out for in an application modernization partner, please check out our recent post. It calls out ISVs but is applicable to any type of business needing to upgrade their systems.

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