What has COVID-19 taught us?

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What has COVID-19 taught us

What has COVID-19 taught us and how does Morphis help your company be at the top of its technological game? 

It is no secret that companies running legacy systems have had projections to modernize their applications. Although companies had started to see the importance of being competitive by keeping up with new technologies, the time and cost of change was in many cases relegating this transformation to the bottom of the priority list, that is, until 2020 came along. What has COVID-19 taught us?

So, what exactly has COVID-19 taught companies about their IT infrastructure and legacy system? 

The answer is as simple as it is complex. After all, the coronavirus pandemic has changed our entire way of thinking, acting and living. We were taught that isolation does not just happen in movies and that tele-working is the new normal. The Horizon Magazine from the European Commission states that due to the pandemic, teleworking increased from 5% in Europe to 40%, a number that is unlikely to go back down post-pandemic as both companies and people are starting to see the benefits of this new work mode. Post pandemic and subsequent lockdown, office space is being scaled down with capacity being reduced by 30% – 50%. Essentially, companies that are fully enabled for remote work are prepared for any other crisis or health emergencies says the Horizon, which is not good news for the legacy systems. 

Is your organization prepared for an emergency?

Two solutions!

In a recent publication, Dr Koutsoukos – a senior lecturer of Computer Science at Royal Holloway, University of London – stated that “The Covid-19 pandemic has shed additional light to the paramount importance of technology for driving enterprise survival, resilience and transformation. Technologies such as the cloud, process automation solutions, remote collaboration platforms, data management, data analytics and digital commerce are now the core focus of technology investments across all business sectors.”. He recognises two solutions for companies to stay ahead of their technology; 

“ 1 – Substitute legacy systems with Packaged solutions, either SaaS cloud-based or on-premise ones.

2 – Apply Legacy Modernization Platforms, i.e. specialized software that takes as input an old, legacy software application and automatically transforms it into a modern system.” 

Automated Legacy Modernization

Although a new software package could be a quick and easy fix to the problem, it does not solve the key underlying issue. Essentially, this is the equivalent of hitting the delete button on your system, losing years of crucial information in the process. If hitting the delete button isn’t the solution, that leaves us with automated Legacy Modernization

This is where Morphis Tech comes in. With an automated solution that allows its customers to maintain all business logic and best-practices, we present a new modernized solution with new UX/UI design tailored to our customers’ needs. Be prepared for the future by becoming cloud-enabled and by being at the top of the technological game. To guarantee success, Morphis has its own analytical software which will highlight dead or redundant code and document the software so that all decisions are informed for a smooth transformation. 

Murphy’s law has taught us that if something can go wrong it will. 

Change from Murphy’s law, to Morphis. 

Ana Andrade, CMO.

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