If you have a legacy application that needs modernizing then you’ve come to the right place.

Morphis Solution for Legacy Modernization

This page will help you take the first steps, understand the alternatives and get you to a first order estimate of migration complexity, time and cost.

Which modernization approach is best for your legacy application?

Firstly, it depends on what is driving you to modernize:

Secondly, it depends on your tolerance for risk, your available budget, the time available to complete the modernization and the competitive advantage the application provides to your business:

For a more in-depth analysis of which legacy applications are candidates for modernization and the best modernization approach, please download our white paper:

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    Morphis delivers a re-architecting solution meaning we use our technology platform to transform the legacy application from its source language to a new multi-tier architecture based on Java or .NET. This transformation largely occurs automatically with a degree of manual code completion that will vary with source language.

    Currently Supported Legacy Languages


    Oracle Forms
    Embedded SQL (DB2) in Cobol
    Visual Basic

    If your legacy language is not listed, contact us here to have us evaluate what is required to have it included:

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      Now to analyze your application. To do this you need to run our Inspector tool across your application. This will allow us to provide full details on the structural and migration complexity of the app together with a first order estimate for the time and cost to transform it to Java or .NET. Enter your details here to receive a download link for the Inspector tool:

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        Note that the estimate from the Inspector tool will be for a 1:1 transformation of functionality. However, it is usual for Morphis’ clients to have new functionality built into the automated transformation process, making an app responsive being just one example.

        So, get started, contact us now and begin the process of modernizing your legacy application.