How We’ve Taken the Pain and Risk Out of Legacy Modernization

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In 1995, a team of graduate students went on a mission to create new performance standards for legacy modernization software. 23 years later that same core team, led by CEO Luis Andrade, has delivered the most advanced solution available today for modernizing legacy systems. The mission has always been to develop a single modernization platform capable of ingesting any legacy language … Read More

Morphis Transformer Demonstration (Forms2NET)

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Oracle Forms to .NET Demonstration

The Morphis platform and modernization process uses a three-step approach: Analyze – how is the legacy application constructed? How large is it? How complex? What are the interdependencies between modules? Which modules are most interconnected/complex and therefore present the greatest risk in a modernization project? You can read more on this stage in several posts on Morphis Insights. This example … Read More

Kuscos Application Analysis

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Kuscos Logo

So you have an application that you think/know is suffering from technical debt and is in need of some sort of attention. But you don’t know the condition of the application, how complex it is, how well written and, therefore, have no clue as to the best course of action. Do you refactor it? Can you? What about modernizing it? … Read More

Let’s Get Technical – Extensibility

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In our last post we discussed the Morphis low code development framework delivered with our modernized legacy applications to underpin their ongoing maintenance and enhancement. We left the extensibility discussion to this post. A discussion on extensibility is best illustrated with a real life case study for which we’ll use Ellucian and the modernization of their Banner® Student Information System … Read More

Let’s Get Technical – Low-Code Development

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Low Code Development

The Morphis technology platform was developed to enable the modernization of legacy systems, written in any language, to cloud-ready Java or .NET environments. The goal is to achieve 100% automation and we continue to strive for this (we’re closer in some legacy languages than others) but where this is not possible we offer productivity tools to make code completion and … Read More

More on Kuscos – Software Intelligence for the Young and Old (Software Projects not People)

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Kuscos Logo

Whether you are wanting to know what was added to that legacy Cobol system back in the 90s, or looking for advanced techniques to better manage your ongoing C# development project, Kuscos is the software intelligence platform of choice. For development teams, managers and executives, Kuscos delivers key information regarding source code modules and team members, from design documentation to … Read More

Announcing Kuscos – BI for IT

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Kuscos logo

The 2015 Chaos Report on the state of the global software development industry by The Standish Group showed that only 29% of 50,000 projects studied could be considered successful (defined as meeting time, budget and functionality goals). The study covered totally new projects as well as re-writes and application extensions/enhancements. The cost of canceled projects exceeds a staggering $55Bn and … Read More

Bringing BI to Software Development (Creating Order from Chaos)

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Morphis Analytics Portal

The Standish Group’s Chaos Reports have been published annually since 1994 and provide a snapshot on the state of the software development industry. The 2015 report studied 50,000 projects globally ranging in size from small enhancement projects to massive systems re-engineering implementations. The following table from the report shows only minor change over the past 5 years and that only … Read More