Did you know Kuscos can help prevent for a crisis?

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In the current climate, we have become all too familiar with unexpected crisis and emergencies. Until now, preparing for a crisis meant anticipating almost all outcomes by doing thorough market research to guarantee the success of an upcoming launch. Never did a nationwide lockdown enter our planning, but we have since learned that the variables on risk analysis are broader than we ever thought. So, the question now is, how can we prevent for a crisis or protect our business from a future unexpected crisis when we know that “software is the world’s beating heart”? Although there are noticeable factors one cannot predict, knowledge remains a key factor in the prevention and subsequent mitigation during a future crisis.

Keeping an eye on all the problems of your legacy system.

Let us imagine that you could monitor and identify the problems in your software before they become manifest. This would mean that you could be ahead of your application by resolving the issues before they failed. At Morphis Tech we have turned this possibility into a reality. With years of experience in legacy systems, we have learned to look under the rug to diagnose hot spots in your software and to make the most informed decisions for resolution, allowing you to better manage both the critical modules and people while mitigating risk. Thus, improving your system’s efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

Kuscos© allows its users to identify and monitor problems within your application with accurate and up-to-date information. Running a static analysis of your software which pinpoints your system’s internal and external dependencies, alerting you to any critical and/or hazardous sections of code. You now know your integration needs to achieve change with less effort.

If this were not enough to avoid emergency, Kuscos search’s past trends to predict and anticipate the future. This way, you can minimize project risk and manage your software using current and customized metrics.

Kuscos sees it all

Improving performance and efficiency

What does this mean in the era of home working and isolation? With an integrated source code and database assets documentation and knowledge management platform, you will be able to master knowledge of your existing software systems as well as being updated on the code  while measuring and managing the quality of new developments and improve performance and efficiency.

Ultimately, you will have a fully documented application which through customized reports and dashboards, will enable you to share knowledge with the entire team promoting conscious development.

Kuscos replaces uncertainty with predictability.

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