Data Breaches in the Healthcare Industry

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Data Breaches in the Healthcare Industry

Large and small companies, banks, other financial organizations, governmental agencies and especially groups in the healthcare industry are all being forced to pay increased attention to cybersecurity. Overseeing cybersecurity threats is becoming more difficult as software systems grow older and are no longer flexible enough to support the needs of modern businesses. This problem is magnified when we are discussing … Read More

Retailers and Legacy Technology

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Reatil Sector Legacy Systems

Shopping has changed in the last decade, moving from brick-and-mortar stores with traditional cash registers to online stores, fulfillment centers and countless new payment methods like Square. Consumers are changing the way they shop, and retailers have had to account for that by evolving their sales models to be accessible online, in-store, through mobile devices and more. According to the … Read More

So, you’re having problems with your current systems — now what?

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Dilbert Cartoon on Legacy Systems

Retail outlets, hospitals, banks and government organizations around the world are struggling with complex, aging or outdated software systems that are not flexible enough to support modern business needs. Some companies have been using the same technology for the past fifty years, and with each year the company doesn’t update, the likelihood of security problems increases. Many companies are having … Read More

IT Forum, 24-28 August 2016 Bahia, Brazil

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IT Forum Brazil

Over 500 CIOs from Brazilian companies attended the IT Forum in Bahia at the end of August. Morphis was one of 45 Sponsors/Exhibitors meeting with attendees in private business suites rather than through the, more typical, open exhibition floor. While the economic climate in Brazil remains challenging, there was significant interest in Kuscos with many CIOs unaware that this kind … Read More