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    Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018, Nov 4-8, Barcelona

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    legacy modernization Gartner ITxpo Barcelona 2018

    Morphis will be attending and exhibiting at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018 in Barcelona from November 4-8. If you’re attending the event, please look us up. You can arrange to meet with us via the Gartner Event App or simply stop by our booth. We’d be delighted to meet you and discuss how our legacy application modernisation solutions may help your business.

    In doing some research for the event, I came across this story in Computer Weekly: IT woes push Sainsbury’s to £1.5bn outsource deal in which the second paragraph stated, “Sainsbury’s new chief executive, Sir Peter Davis, has pushed forward with the plans since his arrival in February, believing that the company’s ageing legacy IT systems were partly to blame for it losing its leadership of the UK supermarket sector.”

    Sir Peter went to say, “The age and complexity of our current IT systems are hampering our ability to perform and develop. We spend in excess of £200m a year on our IT systems. It is essential that we get better value-for-money.”

    What’s interesting is that the article is from August 2000.

    Some things never change – which actually may be better stated as ‘change is the only constant’. Indeed, with the acceleration of technology, accelerating change is the norm with the attendant increases in technical debt.

    There’s a great article in Hacker Noon by Dag Liodden that describes the different ways technical debt can be introduced into an application and how to manage them. It’s a super quick read but here are the headlines:

    • Deliberate Technical Debt – which, paraphrasing, means you meant to take the short cut, you know you why you did it, and all that remains is to keep track of what you did.
    • Accidental/Outdated Design Technical Debt – where good original design intent doesn’t deliver the performance or functionality originally intended. This type of technical debt is best corrected through refactoring.
    • And then there’s what Dag wonderfully refers to as Bit Rot Technical Debt – where time and too many hands [not understanding the original design intent] combine to create a pile of doo-doo. This stinking pile often manifests itself through major system breakdowns (TSB?), security breaches and the like. A program of content refactoring, or replacement/elimination is the only remedy here.

    Ensuring you don’t end up with bit rot technical debt then requires some technology components to help you manage both deliberate and accidental technical debt to prevent them becoming much worse:

    If you already have bit rot technical debt then, of course, Morphis can help you by taking the code and modernising to a new architecture. But, if you want access to the tools that can help prevent you getting to this point, we have you covered there too because Kuscos, Transformer, Frames and Foundations are the software management, software analysis, refactoring, re-architecting, low-code development tools that we use internally and now provide externally to help keep bit rot out of your organisation.

    Come and meet us in Barcelona to learn more!

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    Join Us for this Legacy Modernization Webinar

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    legacy modernization done right, done fast, without drama

    We’ve written extensively about the drivers to modernize legacy applications, the options available to modernize and, above all, why we believe Morphis provides the most complete application modernization solution available on the market today.

    Join us and our implementation partner, Integritas Solutions, for a webinar on Oct 4th, 2017 at 1pm (EST) to see for yourself why Ellucian and Miami-Dade County chose Morphis.

    You can learn more and register on this page. Hope to see you there!

    Madrid in June

    expo: QA 17 Morphis logo

    Have you ever been to Madrid? If not, we have the perfect reason for you to go. And what better time than June? Before the heat of the summer really takes effect, and with the 400th anniversary celebrations for Madrid’s Plaza Mayor in full effect, this is also the 80th anniversary of the first showing of Picasso’s Guernica and Madrid is hosting an exhibition tracing the roots of Guernica’s imagery.

    The perfect reason for you to go? expo: QA 17 is being held in Madrid between June 13th and 15th and Morphis is a proud sponsor. expo: QA 17 is the international software testing and quality engineering conference with speakers from across the world, master classes as well as hands-on workshops.

    Morphis will be presenting on, ‘How to Measure Quality in Today’s Dynamic Projects’. Our last post provided insight on how our software intelligence tool, Kuscos, can be used to mine data from software applications. Kuscos is also a tool, and we use it internally for this purpose, that can be used to manage software development projects. One of its capabilities in this area is to measure and monitor quality down to the individual developer so that you know who is introducing the most bugs and under what circumstances. This will doubtless be a focus of Morphis’ presentation.

    You can check out the full program of events here. We attended last year and it was well worth the visit. This year you also have Guernica, the 400th anniversary of Plaza Mayor and many other events to celebrate in Madrid. Join us there!

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    Come Meet Us at the 4th Testing and Tools Day

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    Sogeti 4th Testing and Tools Day

    Morphis Technologies will be sponsoring and speaking at the 4th Annual Testing and Tools Day on October 27th in Madrid. Hosted by Sogeti, the conference is aimed at those working in the software testing and quality industry – QA Managers, Project Managers and the like.

    Luis Andrade, Morphis’ CEO, will be speaking and making the comparison between business intelligence and data intelligence, or software intelligence, and how to bring the disciplines of BI to the software development process (BI for IT). He will explain how to measure software quality, which data to collect and how best to analyze that data. Covering both the analysis of legacy systems and new software development projects, Kuscos is the software intelligence solution Luis will be describing.

    Other sponsors include HPE, IBM, CA Technologies and MicroFocus.

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    Morphis Sponsors Web Summit 2016

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    Morphis at WebSummit 2016

    Morphis is a platinum sponsor of the 2016 Web Summit event in Lisbon next month. Labelled Europe’s largest technology marketplace, Web Summit has moved to Lisbon from its previous home in Dublin and promises to see 50,000+ attendees including 7000+ CEOs and 1000 exhibitors from 150+ countries.

    Perhaps the scale of the event is best illustrated by the fact that there are 21 separate conferences running under the Web Summit banner. Everything from content to auto tech through healthcare and even sports.

    Are you attending? Whatever sector you’re working in, there’s something there for you (in quantity). Are you a startup? There are 630 investors already listed as attending. Do you work in a larger technology company? There are hundreds of startups exhibiting. How best to explore what’s new in the tech world? Do your legacy systems need modernizing? Morphis is there too. Click the image below and let’s arrange to meet up. See you there!

    Click Here to Arrange a Meeting With Us at Web Summit 2016

    Morphis at Websummit 2016

    LISBON, NOVEMBER 7-10, 2016

    There’s still time to sign up for the event and, if you’ve never been to Lisbon, it is one of the friendliest, most culturally vibrant cities in Europe.

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    IT Forum, 24-28 August 2016 Bahia, Brazil

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    IT Forum Brazil

    Over 500 CIOs from Brazilian companies attended the IT Forum in Bahia at the end of August. Morphis was one of 45 Sponsors/Exhibitors meeting with attendees in private business suites rather than through the, more typical, open exhibition floor.

    While the economic climate in Brazil remains challenging, there was significant interest in Kuscos with many CIOs unaware that this kind of software intelligence tool existed.

    In terms of legacy system software languages, the 2016 IT Forum confirmed what we heard at the first IT Forum which is the extensive use of Software AG’s Natural in Brazil and the need for modernization of those systems. Fortunately, Morphis’ use of an intermediate language (ASIA) in a many-to-one model (many legacy languages mapped into one ASIA) means that mapping “new” languages into our technology platform is a one-time effort.

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    Morphis World Tour 2016

    It’s been busy at Morphis since the start of the year. Not only have we continued to deliver modernization projects but we continue to develop the underlying platform technology and have recently released a SaaS Software Intelligence Platform called Kuscos.

    We’ve also been out in the market evangelizing. Below is a selection of events we have attended already and a listing of those on the calendar for the rest of the year. Come and meet us!

    HPE Discover 2016

    HPE Technology and Solutions Summit 2016

    expo:QA 2016 – International Conference on Software Quality & Testing

    Luis Andrade, CEO of Morphis gave a presentation on ‘How to measure the quality of dynamic software projects’.

    SelectUSA Investment Summit 2016

    SelectUSA is a U.S. government-wide program housed in the International Trade Administration at the United States Department of Commerce. Since its inception, SelectUSA has facilitated more than US$ 19 billion in investment, creating and/or retaining thousands of U.S. jobs. Morphis attended the summit to build relationships with States/Regions across the USA as we continue our expansion.

    Forthcoming Events (Come and Meet Us!):


    Microsoft World Partner Conference, July 10-14, Toronto, Canada


    IT Forum,, August 24-28, Bahia, Brazil


    EDUCAUSE, October 25-28, Anaheim, CA, USA


    IT Forum, November 8-9, Sao Paolo, Brazil
    Web Summit, November 8-10, Lisbon, Portugal

    We’ll be adding more events. Please check back periodically.

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    Meet Us At HPE Discover 2016

    We will be exhibiting at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2016 next month. If you’re attending the show, please stop by our booth (#236) and say hello.

    We will be demonstrating Kuscos, our new BI for IT tool, and you will be able to discuss how the tool can help you better understand legacy software as well as manage ongoing software projects.

    Without a full understanding of your legacy systems, it makes the decision on what to do with them that much riskier. As Dale Vecchio of Gartner pointed out, “A lack of knowledge of the current system’s full capabilities is the biggest reason for [modernization] project failure.”

    Kuscos will enable you to:

    • understand internal and external system dependencies to identify the modules with the highest risk when subject to change,
    • reduce the total number of lines of code by identifying and eliminating duplicate and dead code,
    • document your applications to facilitate informed discussion and decision-making.

    With that understanding of your legacy system, come talk to us about what to do with it and which is the best solution based on where/how the application fits in your business and the issues the legacy system is causing you. There are 8 broad options:

    1. Do nothing – this is always an option, right? You assess the cost/risk of doing something and decide to, well, do nothing. Maybe the app is barely used and you can end-of-life it. Maybe the perceived risk is so great you would rather leave it for the next incumbent…
    2. Consolidate – can the legacy system be aborbed by another system/app?
    3. Re-platforming – take the existing code and move it from one hardware platform to another.
    4. Refactoring (sometimes referred to as Remediation) – simplifying the code base by removing duplicates and redundant code. This may be done as a standalone  activity or as a precursor to other modernization approaches.
    5. Package – replace the legacy system with an off-the-shelf software package.
    6. Rewrite – just what it says. Start rewriting from scratch in the new language/target environment. If you’re aware of a project of this type and of any reasonable complexity that was successful then please let me know.
    7. Wrapping – take the application as it is and apply a connectivity layer. This is the solution provided by companies such as Mulesoft.
    8. Re-architect – use technology to transform the application to its new language/target environment.

    Which of these is right for your legacy system? Stop by booth #236 at HPE Discover 2016 to chat with us. If you’re not attending the event then check out our white paper for further information.

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