2016 Sees Uptick in State-Sponsored Data Breaches

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State-Sponsored Data Breaches

Discussions surrounding cybersecurity have moved out of the offices of IT departments and into the limelight. In fact, a discussion surrounding cybersecurity found its way on to the United States’ presidential debate stage earlier this year. Including September’s revelation of the nearly 500 million Yahoo! accounts said to have been hacked— the largest data breach to date — a number … Read More

Still Running Legacy Systems? Don’t Join This List!

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Updating legacy systems will reduce cybercrime

As technology allows us to do more online, it also leaves us vulnerable to cyberattacks. The internet has evolved since its inception and understanding and monitoring cybercrime as it progresses is critical for every organization’s security. Institutions across all industries are affected by this problem — especially those who have some sort of personal, financial or medical data on their … Read More

Data Breaches in Healthcare: Costly for Providers and Dangerous for Patients

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Healthcare security

Though credit card breaches and data breaches in retail stores are more likely to make the news, the most common breaches actually happen in the healthcare industry… and that is far scarier than someone receiving your credit card information. Why? Because when a bank or credit card is breached, the data quickly becomes useless once the breach is discovered and … Read More

Card-stealing Malware Strikes Again

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed the almost daily news stories focusing on hacked credit card information happening everywhere from toy stores to hotels. The latest in this sting of thefts has hit the Omni hotel chain. A spokesperson for Omni Hotels said “an attacker managed to infiltrate its IT network and inject a software nasty into … Read More