Morphis Helps Modernize Leading Oil & Gas Financial Management Solution

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We’re delighted to share the announcement by P2 Energy Solutions of the modernization, but not re-invention, of Qbyte FM the oil and gas industry’s leading financial management solution. (Oracle forms modernized to .NET) Qbyte FM 2.0, originally built in Oracle Forms, was modernized using Morphis’ proprietary platform to a .NET environment and the product now sports a modern UI with … Read More

Morphis Transformer Demonstration (Forms2NET)

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Oracle Forms to .NET Demonstration

The Morphis platform and modernization process uses a three-step approach: Analyze – how is the legacy application constructed? How large is it? How complex? What are the interdependencies between modules? Which modules are most interconnected/complex and therefore present the greatest risk in a modernization project? You can read more on this stage in several posts on Morphis Insights. This example … Read More

Oracle Forms Modernization – Get Started Today!

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Oracle Forms Modernization - The Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking for Oracle Forms Modernization. Extended support for Oracle Forms and Reports versions 12 ends in 2025. Premier support will end in two years. Here is the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Forms and Reports 12c. Oracle Information-Driven support Are you still running a stack to support Forms and Reports based applications? You’re not alone, but the … Read More

Miami-Dade County Leading the Way With Legacy Modernization

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Morphis was recently featured in three news articles regarding our work modernizing Miami-Dade County’s information technology department. We have teamed up to complete 10 application modernization projects, with 13 other due for completion this summer. Some projects were completed by Morphis, some by Miami-Dade County and some by a combined team, but all used the Morphis platform for application modernization. … Read More

Miami-Dade County Case Study (IT Modernization Saves Time and Money While Increasing Functionality and Security)

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Miami-Dade County

There’s nothing better than having clients say great things about you… Here’s the background to what is an ongoing engagement with Miami-Dade County. Ten projects completed, nine in process and, hopefully, still more to follow. Some delivered by Morphis, some by Miami-Dade County, some by a combined team, ALL using the Morphis platform for application modernization. Challenge The Miami-Dade County … Read More

Legacy Modernization – Step-by-Step, App-by-App

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Morphis Modernizes ACS

Enterprise-level security updates are vital, and expected. But, they can also be costly, and take hours of staff time to complete. In some cases, lack of vendor support for technology versions within the stack may produce a security hole and provide a driver for application and stack modernization. Security is only one of many drivers for legacy modernization and with … Read More