The Modern Stack: Evolution at Lightning Speeds

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The Modern Technology Stack

Noticed that tech companies are continually changing up the technologies used to produce their offerings? If you’re sitting on legacy code, languishing in a legacy stack with components you’re sure have passed their sell by date but don’t know what to do about it without a huge overhaul/cash/talent injection then you’re not alone. Back in software’s yesteryears (the 1980s and … Read More

Learning to Fish – What Tackle Do You Need?

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Teach a Man to Fish

In developing and maintaining applications, there’s really no such thing as stability. Up around the next bend in the river, you’ll encounter another new technique or new programming language that you’ll need to assimilate. Technology will continually evolve: many technologies that were bleeding edge only a few years ago have been entirely eclipsed today. With the continual rapid pace of … Read More

Think Legacy Modernization Is A One-Time Event? Think Again!

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continuous modernization

Moore’s Law. I won’t bore you, but you need to learn to fish to manage your application portfolio going forward. Not only is the speed of technological change impacting how quickly your applications fall into technical debt, but Government’s are unable to legislate ahead of new technologies such as driverless cars. For a great read on this latter point, check … Read More

Madrid in June

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expo: QA 17 Morphis logo

Have you ever been to Madrid? If not, we have the perfect reason for you to go. And what better time than June? Before the heat of the summer really takes effect, and with the 400th anniversary celebrations for Madrid’s Plaza Mayor in full effect, this is also the 80th anniversary of the first showing of Picasso’s Guernica and Madrid … Read More

Kuscos Application Analysis

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Kuscos Logo

So you have an application that you think/know is suffering from technical debt and is in need of some sort of attention. But you don’t know the condition of the application, how complex it is, how well written and, therefore, have no clue as to the best course of action. Do you refactor it? Can you? What about modernizing it? … Read More

Too Good To Be True?

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Tom Robinson Too Good To Be True

I have a confession to make. Well, two actually. Firstly, I am new to the legacy modernization space. This is only the end of my second year pondering and wondering why so many make such a meal of something that, frankly, isn’t that difficult. There, I said it. This really isn’t that difficult. Certainly not as difficult as most people … Read More

Come Meet Us at the 4th Testing and Tools Day

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Sogeti 4th Testing and Tools Day

Morphis Technologies will be sponsoring and speaking at the 4th Annual Testing and Tools Day on October 27th in Madrid. Hosted by Sogeti, the conference is aimed at those working in the software testing and quality industry – QA Managers, Project Managers and the like. Luis Andrade, Morphis’ CEO, will be speaking and making the comparison between business intelligence and … Read More

IT Forum, 24-28 August 2016 Bahia, Brazil

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IT Forum Brazil

Over 500 CIOs from Brazilian companies attended the IT Forum in Bahia at the end of August. Morphis was one of 45 Sponsors/Exhibitors meeting with attendees in private business suites rather than through the, more typical, open exhibition floor. While the economic climate in Brazil remains challenging, there was significant interest in Kuscos with many CIOs unaware that this kind … Read More

More on Kuscos – Software Intelligence for the Young and Old (Software Projects not People)

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Kuscos Logo

Whether you are wanting to know what was added to that legacy Cobol system back in the 90s, or looking for advanced techniques to better manage your ongoing C# development project, Kuscos is the software intelligence platform of choice. For development teams, managers and executives, Kuscos delivers key information regarding source code modules and team members, from design documentation to … Read More